Since 1955 we try to make a better world... now you can too

 We are pleased and honored to introduce you to a movement comprised of people   seeking to do good.  The majority of such movements in Israel belong to the youth of our society; ours is comprised of grown men and women, people whose past has destined them to build a better future both for themselves and for others.  This is the essence of the Rotarian concept, one nurtured by people who care and who are willing to take action in order to make the world a better place. We believe in Service Above Self.
The Sharon Herzliya Rotary Club, one of 53 Rotary clubs in Israel, was founded in 1955 and since then its members have been active in many different fields.  Rotary membership requires first and foremost, that members be active in support of the community.  Our proudest feature is our personal volunteering and the daily individual activities of each and every one of us: each according to his or her abilities, needs and personal inclinations.

We would be happy to include you in one of our ongoing projects:

  • Establishment of a therapeutic pool for the children of the Ofek Public School in Herzliya, Israel - Jewish, Moslem and Christian together - all of whom are intellectually challenged on the autistic continuum, in collaboration with the Municipality of Herzliya, with an investment of 2 million US $;


  • Installation of "smart black boards" in school classrooms - an investment of 30,000 US $ - that was completed this year;


  • The Sharon-Herzliya Rotary Club has joined forces with WIZO Israel to reinforce the project: "One Hour with a Child" as part of its activities over many years in assisting the disadvantaged of the community and empowering those who excel;


  • "Brave Soldiers" – creation of personal ties with soldiers who have no families in Israel, when they are released from military service, and accompanying them through their various stages of entry into civilian life;


  • Russian Youth Club -  Assistance to and fostering of immigrant youth in its Russian immigrant youth club in Herzliya;


  • Scholarship fund for needy students, with the understanding that education and studies are the most efficient means of escaping the poverty cycle and becoming  citizens capable of contributing to society;


  • Adoption of the "AKIM" club – contributing to wards of the AKIM club for mentally challenged children, including computer training, trips around the country and entertainment, taking them to the cinema or to a concert, assisting in clubhouse maintenance;


  • Assistance to battered wives' shelters – contribution of a computer corner and individual involvement in computer guidance, general assistance and providing a sympathetic ear;


  • Adoption of the "Sitvanit nursery " – individual contributions to the children of the club, aged 4 to 7 years, with a story hour, sports lessons, rhythmics and music, as well as assistance in the construction of a new library.


  • Adoption of "Dor" school – assisting the school management by supplying equipment and various services, as well as helping in the personal guidance of the school's pupils and assisting them in their studies;


  • We participate in various activities of the 2490 Rotary District, including the renewal of the Galilee forests, establishing awareness of the danger of high blood pressure, offering hospitality to visiting Rotarian missions from abroad and participating in global activities of Rotary Intl. such as Polio Plus, worldwide clean water supply, distributing literacy and seeking world peace.  

The Sharon Herzliya Rotary Club draws its members from the city of Herzliya (pop. 110,000) and several neighboring towns. It was founded in 1955 by 22 Israeli Rotarians, the 15th of the current 53 Clubs in Israel (D-2490). The Sharon Herzliya Rotary Club has chartered and inaugurated four other Clubs, Kfar Saba (1960), Ra'anana (1975), Ramat HaSharon (1978) and Ramat Gan (2005). Today the Club numbers 18 active members.


The wide variety of professions among the members and the high positions they hold, demonstrate the deep and extensive involvement of the Club in all aspects of administration, commerce, industry, science, education and culture. The Club’s activities are diverse and span the entire Herzliya Community. 


Herzliya was founded in 1924 on land inhabited for some 3,000 years by Canaanites, Phoenicians, Persians, Philistines, Israelites, Romans, Byzantines, Crusaders, Ottomans and Arabs. Historical grounds support every single step taken in the area. A forerunner of our city appeared in Assyrian writings some 2500 years ago. Named Apollonia by Alexander the Great or his successors, it was later fought over and conquered by King Jonathan the Maccabean, who was attracted by the town and its harbor. Restored in 1992, the 13th century Moslem Shrine of Sidni Ali still displays architectural features of the Crusader stronghold built there. In 1798 Napoleon Bonaparte passed through the area on his way from Egypt to Acre, today known as Akko. The ruins of the ancient town and harbor, within walking distance from the hotel area, tell stories of bygone times in a most picturesque setting.


Our pleasant climate with its mild winters, occasional rains from December through February, its lovely spring, followed by a quite warm summer, and its pleasant autumn is greatly enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. Herzliya’s population is composed mainly of business executives, professionals, tradesmen, merchants, skilled workers and senior citizens, people from every walk of life. 


Rotary Club meetings take place every Monday at 20:00, at the Herzliya Marina Yacht Club, adjacent to the Arena Shopping Mall in Herzliya Pituach.


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